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Item: Smog Test Rules and Regulations
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Smog Test Rules and Regulations
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"You will need to know Rules and Regulations for the smog test. We will cover some of them here. Then you can take the quiz on it, and that will cover some more things I may not review here. But looking at the answers will help you.

Remember, many of the rules you need to know are in the Inspection Manual put out by the Bureau of Automotive Repair. It is a book with a light blue cover. And you want the latest revision. For other rules and regs, you can check their web site (www.smogcheck.ca.gov) and find information there under Smog Check Advisories, Fast Blasts, and Fact Sheets. They even have all the laws you could ever want to read under the Laws and Regulations section. Of course, if you arenít a lawyer, you may not understand them. Thatís why the Inspection Manual is so good, it puts things in normal English.

Keep in mind that regulations may be changing all the time, and so the Inspection Manual can get out of date. The Smog Check Advisories, Fast Blasts, and Fact Sheets will help keep you up to date.

If you have a current smog license and have updated your address to them, you should get the Smog Check Advisories in the mail. The Fast Blasts are supposed to come automatically to the smog machine. Ask around, somebody in your shop may know where they have been tossed or stored.

The Federal Clean Air Act of 1970 was the big deal which regulates a lot of what the state of California must do to keep pollution under control or loose money to build highways. Non-attainment areas are places that don't meet the air quality standards.

Enhanced Areas:

The state has been divided up into three areas, mainly by zip code. Enhanced areas are places with the worst air pollution. Like L.A. and Bakersfield. They require the dyno smog test, known now as ASM testing. The Basic areas are places that have better, but not ideal smog. Like the Bay Area. They don't need dyno smog testing yet, just the two speed idle test. But both these areas require a smog test every two years, besides initial registration when you buy a car or move into the state.

The Change of Ownership areas only require the smog test when you move into the state or buy a vehicle, because they are the country areas where the air quality is pretty good. They are Attainment areas, they meet the air quality standards all the time.

The Clean Air Act was amended in 1990 and revised to do more things. (Government rarely changes to get smaller and do less.) So California had to change their program to keep up. This made the change to measure NOx under a Loaded-mode test (dyno test, called ASM), to identify ..."

The article contains these sections:

  1. Enhanced Areas
  2. Referee Centers
  3. Exempt Vehicles
  4. Smog Inspections and Repairs
  5. More about the Smog Inspection
  6. Underhood Label
  7. Motor Homes
  8. Other Vehicles
  9. Telling the Customer
  10. Gross Polluters
  11. Smog Machines
  12. Repair Cost Waivers, Extensions and Limits
  13. Types of Smog Stations
  14. More about Smog Stations
  15. Basic or Advanced Emissions Specialist License Requirements
  16. Basic Smog Inspection Procedures
  17. Examples of Visual Inspection
  18. Pre-Inspection Repairs or Unintentional Tampers
  19. More about the Visual Inspection
  20. Emissions Test
  21. Functional Tests


Want to understand emissions testing? We cover carbon dioxide emissions, egr valves, map sensors, O2 sensors, pcv valves and more. Auto repair information for technicians dealing with emissions, driveability and computer systems diagnosis and repairs. Originally written for technicians preparing for the California Smog Check Technician License Exam but helpful for all auto mechanics. 120 pages

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