Cheap Smog Check San Diego, CA

Passing A San Diego Smog Check

A modern vehicle in good repair should not have too much trouble passing a smog check. However, there are some basic common sense preparations you should take in the two-week period leading up to a scheduled smog check. You should put in a healthy number of miles at highway speeds to heat up your catalytic converter and burn out any unwanted deposits.

Mechanic performing a smog check in San Diego, CAYou should attend to any pressing service needs prior to a smog check. If your “check engine” light is illuminated, get your power train fixed. Go ahead and change your oil if your current batch is nearing the end of its useful life. Make sure your tires are properly inflated. Finally, put off your smog check if at all possible if you’ve had your battery replaced or jumped recently. A dead battery wipes the emissions records stored in your car’s computers, which can cause problems during a smog check. Make sure you’ve logged a few hundred miles without battery issues to build up a proper electronic history.

While passing a smog check is normally not that difficult, it can become a tremendous hassle if the inspection uncovers problems with your car. Take steps to minimize this possibility by attending to your vehicle’s regular maintenance needs and giving it a little TLC in the weeks leading up to its next smog check.