Tint, How to Tint Your Own Car Windows

If you own a car, chances are you spend a number of hours in it every day, and so, it makes sense to have it as comfortable as possible. In this read, we are going to look at how to tint your car windows like a pro, just like window tinting West Hartford.

The Benefits of Tinted Car Windows

Tinted windows block up to 99% of UV light from making its way into your car. They ideally reduce glare, keep you cool, provide privacy, reduce the chances of someone breaking into your car, and also maintain the interior. More importantly, tint film prevents windows from shattering in case of an accident, thus protecting you from glass pieces.

All this sounds appealing, but is it really possible to do a tint job on your own? Keep reading to learn how.


Before getting started, ensure you check the laws in your check to find out how dark you are allowed to tint your car windows. Keep in mind that the level varies from region to region, and you might be liable for a fine if you exceed the limit. Here are the items you’ll need for the job.


-Utility knife

-Single-edged razor blade

-Window tint film

-Window cleaning solution


Step 1: Get the Car Ready

Set aside a few hours for the job and ensure the working environment is dust-free. Before doing anything, vacuum out the vehicle and ensure no dirt or dust ends up on the windows. Remove any adhesives or stickers as they will only get in the way of the window film.

Step 2: Clean the Windows

Avoid doing this with cleaners containing ammonia, such as Windex. That’s because they’ll turn the windows purple once the tinting is done. Instead, cover the windows with warm, soapy water and use a razor blade to scrape off dust and dirt off. Clean both sides and roll down the windows an inch or two to ensure you get the top.

Once you are done, use a squeegee or lint-free rag to dry the windows. A squeegee is better for this, but a lint-free rag comes in handy for drying the edges. Do not forget to wash and dry the area underneath the window seal using a wet cloth.

Step 3: Measuring & Cutting the Film

Spray more of the soap and water mixture onto the window, measure and cut the film against the outside of the window. Adding a bit of soapy water helps the film temporarily stick to the window as you slide it into place.

Roll the film over the window allowing for 2 or 3 inches of additional material around every edge. Ensure that at this stage, the liner is facing you. With a section of the tint film over the window, respray it and start cutting into the right shape. Ensure you have an adequate film for the whole window when you have finished trimming. When working on the window’s top edge, lower it at least an inch to ensure you get the right shape.

Step 4: Applying the Film

With the right measurement, it’s time to peel off the liner. Ensure you spray the adhesive side of the window film with more water as you proceed. With the window slightly rolled down, place the adhesive on the side of the film to the window’s interior. Get rid of any water and air under it with a squeegee. Then roll up the window and put the rest of the tint film into position. Take the process slow and keep using the squeegee over it to ensure nothing is left between the window and the film. If there are any bubbles left after the process, you can use a heat card and heat gun to push them to the bottom.

And there you have it, a simple and straightforward guide for applying tint to your car windows like a pro.

O’Neil Teape is the owner of ProShield Glass Tinting Specialists. O'Neil is not just an installer but a craft artist, converting the clients' needs for privacy, safety and protection into dynamic design fit to their specific style and preferences.